My Wanderings

Let’s see, I started with 20-40 km. runs then started on 50-100 km. ( abbrev. for kilometres ) runs on my MTB. The roadie came somewhat later and was also single gear, now modified with 21 gears. The first long run i.e. 200 km. was on the roadie, will be posting it’s pic soon as it is now being serviced by yours truly; courtesy broken spokes in the back wheel.

The journey was from Kanpur to Allahabad, now called Prayagraj and then back after meeting with friends lasting 2-3 days. It was about 210 km. one way. The return leg was marred by a broken back wheel hub and I had it repaired at 11 pm in the night, thanks to a local mechanic. Thereafter I decided not to use the roadie for journeys exceeding 150-200 km.

Kanpur – Prayagraj Google Map

That set me up for my long outreaches. I started on another route i.e. Kanpur-Hamirpur-Maudaha and further into Bundelkhand, hitting around 200 km. to and fro., same day runs, both on my MTB and then on the roadie. This route is scenic after Hamirpur as the population thins out.

Kanpur-Maudaha Google Map

A few pics of Hamirpur city, which lies in the middle of two rivers, Yamuna and Betwa.


This was December 2017, Hamirpur Betwa bridge ( I often get confused between the two rivers, apologies if I got it wrong here ).


Hamirpur, Yamuna bridge. It’s about a 100 feet down there on the bridge.

Check my other blogs for the super journeys exceeding 200 km.


P.S.: km. stands for kilometres. We follow the metric system here. Am not using kms. cause its also a short for ‘kill myself’ in chat language.

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