Small Beginnings

My cycling odyssey started in 2016. I was just coming out of obesity and illness that had dogged me for several years. In my enthusiasm to cut down on obesity I started on long distance running, which resulted in a few injuries and that made me to switch to cycling.

Went to the local cycling shops here and purchased a 26″ MTB, in case you are wondering about 29’ers, well …. we are in the backwoods here and that’s all I could get. It was only 5000/- rupees and that is where it all begins.


The above is what it is now ! The wheels have been replaced by alloy rims rather than the heavy aluminium ones; it was single gear, but it’s now a 7 gear freewheel, with a thumb index shifter too, there is a new handlebar and a triathlon arm rest. The seat pipe has been replaced along with the seat and seat cover. The front fork has also been replaced to add a disc brake, and another at the back too ! The new stand is lighter and sturdier than the earlier one.

Is that all ? No ! The pedals are Shimano clipless SPD type to along with bike shoes that can lock in to these. I could go on and on, but enough of this. This is what I use to travel over 150 kilometres. 

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