Garbage Recycling

It was always a pain to watch litter strewn across roadsides, rivers and waterways. Most of it is of course — PLASTIC, the ubiquitous cancer of this world. Besides plastic there are beer, soda cans and everything else you can imagine. Most of this is thrown out by vehicle/motorbike drivers who couldn’t care less if they had to throw it across your face. They are that brazen !!

For a cyclist like me, it is more painful cause I have to slog several kilometres to get to a scenic spot, only to find it soiled with garbage. Hence, I decided to put some of this garbage to good use. Maybe, people reading this can clean up some of the mess that humanity is getting into. Be a recycling champ and save some money too !

Soda Tin can being used as a electronics tool container, logo blacked out.

Plastic soda/sweet soft drink bottle being used as a wire container, cut up at the top. Logo blacked out.
Beer can being used as a container to hold various electronic tools and wires

Most soda/beer tin cans are thin enough to be cut with normal scissors, but you do need a craft knife to cut out the top. Please be careful while cutting tin cans or you may end up getting a nasty nick, the cutting has to be even and scissors can be used to get an even finish. Jagged ends can be taped as a safety precaution. 

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