A Vote of Thanks

This blog is dedicated to people who helped me out when the going was impossible during my 2300 km. long touring trip. For starters my gear freewheel disintegrated during the Ajmer-Bar trip heading towards Jodhpur, on the 16th of Jan, 2019.

20190116_132926Replacement of gear flywheel on the highway.

Replacement of the freewheel necessitated unbuckling all my luggage strapped to the bike and placing it by the roadside. Everything was going good till I made the noob decision of changing the chain ( after replacing the freewheel ), without having proper tools to strap in the new chain. As time ticked by and my situation became precarious, an angel appeared out of nowhere.


Mr. Himanshu ( I hope I got his name right ) who helped me place my luggage in a shop across the road, on his motor bike.

Himanshu stopped his bike on noticing me fidgeting with the chain and all my luggage placed by the roadside. Although I told him that I could manage he insisted on helping me out with the situation.


Mr. Parashar, who agreed to keep the luggage in his shop till I was able to get the chain replaced by heading to a bicycle repair shop inside a small town nearby. My luggage can be seen strewn across his front desk.

Parashar also tried to get the chain replaced but lacking the tools, had to give up. At that point I headed out to the nearby town and met another angel.

20190116_150013The local bicycle mechanic Sitaram and his shop.

Sitaram got to work immediately and put in the new chain. He had quite a good knowledge of working with bike gears which was a delight to me. Most bike mechanics I had met in Rajasthan did not have proper knowledge on this. I came back a relieved man and was able to continue my journey from here on.

I would also like to mention Mr. Om Bhardwaj, Jaisalmer who runs a small bicycle repair and sale workshop there. He allowed me to use his tools to replace the bottom bracket ball bearings. Jodhpur and Ajmer bike shop owners had refused either to service the bottom bracket or let me use their tools to do the same. During my ride from Dechu to Jaisalmer, the ball bearings gave me all sorts of issues. The ball bearing replacement in Jaisalmer meant that I did not face any more issues regarding the crank movement from there on.

Lastly, I would like to thank the hotel staff of Paradise Continental, Jaipur, for their help in allowing me to literally turn their parking lot into a bike repair workshop. This allowed me to replace a worn out gear freewheel and a rear wheel broken spoke. The hotel has marvelous rooms in a budget range and is centrally located in Jaipur, near Sindhi camp Bus Station.

IMG_8479The staff and myself during my departure from Jaipur towards Bharatpur.

IMG_8471Room view — Paradise Continental, everything was neat and tidy and the stay was most comfortable.

Hotel address:-13, Kanti Nagar, Opposite Polo Victory Cinema, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006. The same hotel can be booked from most Indian online booking websites.

The world needs more angels like these !!

P.S.: In addition I would like to mention hotels The Culture, Jaisalmer and Marudhar, Jodhpur for accommodating my bike and helping me out wherever possible. These are recommended for solo bikers like myself.

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