My Grand Tour

After upgrading my old faithful MTB by re-balling the rear axle with professional grade ball bearings, I was looking at the next level of long distance bike touring. The plan ? — To crack the 2000 km. mark. The good news is that I made it to approx. 2300 km. and would have crossed the 3000 km. mark if not for family and other commitments which made me break my journey at Bharatpur, Rajasthan, on the 6th of Feb, 2019.

The journey was fabulous and took me through the forest hills of Bundelkhand region, encompassing Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Finally, I was also able to make it to the Rajasthan border desert city of Jaisalmer and onward to the sand dunes of Khuri, about 50 km. from Jaislamer. This is the Thar desert region of my country.

The journey kicked off on the 7th of Jan, 2019 and concluded on the 6th of Feb, 2019. The route was a bit complex and I am breaking it down into several legs for the interested reader:

Onward Journey

Kanpur-Orai-Jhansi ( U.P. leg ); Jhansi-Shivpuri-Sheopur ( M.P. leg ); Sheopur-Ranthambore-Sawai Madhopur-Chaksu-Ajmer-Pushkar-Jodhpur-Dechu-Jaisalmer-Khuri ( Rajasthan leg ).

Return Journey


Route map for the Onward Journey:

Onward Journey Route

Return Trip Route map:

Return Leg Route

The good news is that my battered MTB is back with me at Kanpur. I was carrying nearly all my winter clothing and bedding on it, along with an assortment of bike gear and other stuff.

IMG_8265My MTB all decked up with gear, near about the start of the onward leg.

More pics, vids and stuff about this journey about to come ! Stay tuned.

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