Sand dunes of Khuri – II

The 24th of Jan was bicycle servicing day and after tinkering with the front gear settings I realized that the derailleur wouldn’t shift up to the largest chain ring. This meant that I was operating with just 14 of the 21 gears. There was nothing to do but try and reach Jodhpur back from Jaisalmer, to get a new front gear thumb shifter.

Late in the afternoon with the sun settling down, I took a walk to the sand dunes through the village.

IMG_8403Panoramic view of the sunset from the sand dunes

IMG_8406Beyond the sand dunes, nothing but a barren stretch of the National Park

View from the sand dunes, there was a strong and chilly wind blowing across, causing audio disturbance, have disabled the video audio.

Khuri did not have any restaurants but had a few shops offering the usual snack items like biscuits, chips and bread. They had an ATM and a medicine shop offering basic stuff. The nights would get very cold in the tents. There were frequent power cuts.

That was it, I left early morning around 7:30 am on the 25th of Jan and as luck would have it a cold and foggy front enveloped the national park.

IMG_8410On the way back to Jaisalmer

IMG_8412At a roadside snacks shack run by an ex-army vet, the foggy front had become quite dense about 30 km. from Jaisalmer

Around 1 pm., I was back at hotel The Culture, at Jaisalmer.

The return leg would start off the next day, i.e. 26th of Jan, 2019. I am going to try and wrap it up in a single blog till Bharatpur ( Bharatpur gets one blog to itself ), as it has the famous bird sanctuary housed inside the Keoladeo National Park.

P.S.: I did see a lot of wildlife while stating off from Khuri, early morning. Herds of deer, antelopes, foxes, peacocks and various kinds of colorful birds.

2 Replies to “Sand dunes of Khuri – II”

  1. The way you have narrated details of various aspects of Khuri sands, it sounds very attractive and inviting. What are the other means of transportation available to normal citizen to visit Khuri Sands.


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