The Counterfeit Church

A sickly child had caught fever again. The worried parents debated on going to the doctor for the umpteenth time, and tried to form a strategy to help the child. As the couple racked their brains, the father had a brainwave. He would give the child a harmless pill masked as a miracle cure, with some fruit juice. This should pick up the child’s spirits and possibly help beat the fever and pain ? Against all odds, the plan worked. The thermometer showed a normal temperature.

Medical jargon describes the pill as — a placebo. Its not the real deal but is made to appear like it. Does it work all the time ? NO. But, a few medical experiments with the placebo have been successful. The trick is to make the patient believe that its the real deal, and then somehow the mind connects to the body’s immune system in such a way as to defeat the invader bugs.

In the battle between good and evil, the devil often resorts to this counterfeit placebo stunt. It’s about setting up an elaborate network of Churches and a whole ecosystem that thrives upon slyly doing the exact opposite of what Churches were supposed to do — i.e. guiding people towards a spirit filled lifestyle. The stunt is convincing enough to appear spiritual but the fruits are way way rotten. The talk is well just that … plain talk. And the walk ? The walk would even put the devil to shame.

The counterfeit Church is meant to fool the believer, not the outsiders, who can plainly see what is going on. This way the placebo serves a dual purpose, the believer ends up in a rut, while the outsiders whom G-d also wants in, see the rut plainly and are driven away. Years back, I had read the testimony of a Nigerian believer, who had seen a vision about this counterfeit Church. It had struck me as being the perfect plan to wreck lives.

In my walk with Him, I have come across several such counterfeit establishments and have seen the destruction caused by these. In all the cases important members of these placebo Churches and institutions, have been practising ‘dark’ arts. They are in regular contact with the ‘other’ side while appearing to look spiritual and Biblical in their walk. I am not going to admire them for this evil but have seen them singularly focused and resolute in their foolish resolve to destroy souls. I say foolish because in the end they will go where their master is headed to — eternal damnation.

1 Peter 5:8: Νήψατε  ; γρηγορήσατε  . ὁ ἀντίδικος ὑμῶν  , διάβολος  , ὡς λέων ὠρυόμενος περιπατεῖ  , ζητῶν τινα καταπιεῖν  ,

1 Peter 5:8: Be sober minded and watch. For your adversary, the devil, roars and prowls about like a lion, seeking whom to devour.

The devil is powerful and roars about like a lion, but is also sly and cunning. I must add VERY sly and cunning. The not-so-spiritual believer of this age is not going to stand to the power, fury and cunning of the dragon. Bit-by-bit the counterfeit Church is going to bring the forces of evil into it’s fold, adding to it’s ranks. As the Bible predicts, in the end-times, people are going to appoint preachers who will feed them exactly what they want to hear. This is the ultimate joint trip, as junkies would put it. ‘No more condemnation’, ‘let’s not be judgemental please’, ‘Everything is OK as long you keep it to your bedroom’, ‘amen and awoman*’ etcetra …

The counterfeit Church thrives on key phrases that seem to drive out the offensive nature of the Gospel. Offensive because the works of men are evil and the Gospel plainly says that to their face. I wouldn’t be surprised that one day Christ Himself would be a non-factor in the placebo Church. Sexual assaults, paedophilia and corruption abound but are hushed up and driven under, only to keep rearing their ugly head time and again. Pornography is rife. Marriage fidelity is considered a trivial thing. Racial hate and profiling is everywhere. False prophets keep belting out their numbers like rock bands high on hash. Soon, the land is taken over by ‘aliens’ who bring with them darkness and oppression.

It is my belief that the next phase of the counterfeit Church taking over would be the unleashing of the Dragon’s** raw power throughout the globe. That will start the age of real persecution with people systematically hunted down for their faith, globally. An evil doctrine emanating from a powerful global force will be imposed on the faithful. Worship it or be hunted down. Technology will be advanced enough to tag people who are loyal or otherwise. In fact it already is at the cusp of that age now. The takeover is going on at a dizzying pace, as are technologies meant to identify and monitor individuals on a global scale.

The solution is to stop the rot now, impose roadblocks to check the Dragon’s march and take a stand. Or it may be too late for all of us. It is a battle of minds and souls which will ultimately spill over into the streets, either as a victory parade of the saints or that of the evil.

.תהלם צד׃טז׃ מי-יקם לי ,עם-מרעים; מי- יתיצב לי, עם-פעלי און

Psalm 94:16: Who will rise up with me, against evil-doers ? Who will take a stand with me, against workers of evil ?



**διαβολος — diabolos is the word for the devil in the New Testament, meaning slanderer or backbiter; but I am using the Dragon to denote the vehicle of the devil, pointing to current world events. May the wise get it.

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