दोस्तों का धन्यवाद

जैसलमेर से खूडी के रेत के टीलों की यात्रा करते हुए, खूडी से लगभग ३५ कि.मी. की दूरी पर कुछ दोस्तों का साथ मिला। मैं अपनी साईकल भगाए जा रहा था कि सड़क किनारे एक घर मे से मुझे किसी ने पुकारा, फिर मुझे चाय का न्योता दिया, मैने एक बहाना लगा कर टाल दिया … Continue reading दोस्तों का धन्यवाद


Grand Tour — Sawai Madhopur to Ajmer

The next section of the onward route was a mix of everything, smooth four lane national highways to terrible unpaved, rock and dust filled patches and some bike issues. The Sheopur ride through valleys and hills had induced a yaw in the rear portion of the bike. It turned out that the stress of the … Continue reading Grand Tour — Sawai Madhopur to Ajmer

Grand Tour — Kanpur to Ranthambore

Getting into the meat of the grand tour details here, by breaking it down into several parts/blogs; starting with the onward leg, from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, my residence, to Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary right next to Sawai Madhopur town in Rajasthan state. Route Map for this section The journey started off on the 7th of … Continue reading Grand Tour — Kanpur to Ranthambore